There are three undeniable market forces in play today:

Voice tech, e-commerce and mobile are all exploding.

As a result, v-commerce is expected to grow to $40B worldwide by 2022.
Phebi Search positions your e-commerce site to thrive in today’s Voice Economy.

Voice Tech

Enthusiastically embraced as part of modern life. ​

More than 64 million Americans owned at least one smart speaker in 2018, up 40% from 2017.​


Central to life for ​just about everyone ​and growing.

Global spending on the web hit $2.86 trillion in 2018, up 18% from 2017.​


Mobile accounts for approximately half of web traffic globally.​

54% of all retail ​e-commerce is expected to occur via mobile by 2021.​

Why Phebi Search?​

Phebi collapses the path to purchase and enables you to
be a leader in today's mobile-first, v-commerce era.​

More Conversions & Sales​

Grow your business faster by making it easy for people to find and purchase what they want on your site from their mobile phone or desktop.​

Voice & Text Search

Deliver a world-class customer experience by allowing your customers to talk when they want to talk and type when they want to type.

Outrageous Speed & Accuracy​

Never lose another sale to slow or broken search. Phebi's one-of-a-kind technology delivers stunningly accurate search results instantly. ​

With Phebi, any e-commerce site can
integrate voice search quickly and easily

Install Phebi Search:
When our search icon appears
you are ready to go.
Invite customers to explore your
site using their voice or by
typing, and to make
purchases via voice.
Start seeing results instantly:
Faster, more accurate search
reduces bounce rates and drives
conversions and sales. ​
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