What is Phebi Developers for


Implement voice capabilities to your website

Be up-and-running in no time
Install our voice search app in just a
few clicks or have a product
specialist lead you through a
simple and intutive
on-boarding process.


Voice enable your apps

Reduce friction and drive
perfromance with fast, accurate
search. When customers talk to
your site, Phebi listens, prioritizes
the right words and understands
their meaning in the context of
your site specifically.


Add voice control to your desktop applications

Why funnel your customer's voice
search through services from tech
giants, feeding their ad targeting
models without benifiting your
business? Phebi allows site owners
to have voice search directly on
their site.

1. Register with Phebi.

Contact us
to discuss your application and create an account with us.

2. Create a database for your application.

Once you've created your account and have logged in, use the plus button in the "Data" section to create a new Phebi Database.
This database will hold data for the integrated search capabilities and create a language model around its metadata.

3. Implement Phebi in your application.

You can either use Phebi with its voice-to-text capabilities only, or with its integrated search engine.
Voice-to-text only can be used if you, for example, want to implement voice commands to functions on your application (i.e. "next song").
The integrated search engine is helpful when you want to voice-enable your application's search, like a car dealership.

When using Phebi with the integrated search engine, the service will return the elements from the database that match the voice search, in a JSON format.
It will not display the results on your site. The rendering of the search results has to be implemented on your website or app.

There are several different ways you can implement Phebi into your application. Here are some examples:



With Phebi Search engine.

// Load the Phebi integration script.
$.getScript("https://cluster.getphebi.com/Phebi.js", function () {
// QueryFields defines which fields shall be
// returned by the search for each of the items.
PhebiSearch.QueryFields = ["id", "name", "price"];

// DisplayResults will be invoked when the Phebi Search Engine
// returns results after a voice search.
PhebiSearch.DisplayResults = function (response) {
// response contains the search result items.
// [{ "id": 1, "name": "sample item", "price": 4 }]
// Render search results here.


Voice-to-Text only

// Load the Phebi integration script.
$.getScript("https://cluster.getphebi.com/Phebi.js", function () {
// OnSearch will be invoked when a user performed a search.
PhebiSearch.OnSearch = function (text) {
// text contains the transcribed value.